Bonded coatings and dry lubrication

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Non-stick coatings

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Corrosion- & Chemical protection for your equipment.

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Mass coating (also known as bulk coating)

Telfon™ licensed coater based in North America


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Electrically insulated or conducted coatings

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Nonstick coating on several different parts

Non-Stick Coatings

Discover the benefits of our advanced non-stick coatings - reduce the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Magnet anchors with dry lubrication glidecoatings for the Automotive industry.

Dry-Lubrication Coatings

Provide superior lubrication and wear resistance without the need for oils or greases, reducing friction and heat, and increasing efficiency in industrial applications.

Pliers with electrically insulated coatings for surgery and medical technology.

Electrically insulated Coatings

These coatings, also known as dielectric or electrical insulation coatings, are used when parts must be...

Perforated plate coated with heavy corrosion protection.

Corrosion protection Coatings

Protect your assets from corrosion and extend their lifespan with our cutting-edge corrosion protection solutions - designed to withstand harsh environments

Chemical protection coating on a manhole of a ultrapure water tank

Chemical Protection Coatings

Provide superior resistance to chemicals, acids, and solvents, and ensure long-lasting protection and reliability with our chemical protection coatings.

Fan Wheel / Fan Impeller with wear resistance / abrasion coating

Wear- & Abrasion protection Coatings

Equipment components wear down because contact between moving parts over time leads to abrasion and damage...

The LubriCoat NA building in Wisconsin

Functional Coatings -

Chemours™ licensed coater based in North America

Teflon™ PTFE PFA E-CTFE Silicone


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About the Company

Adelhelm Lubricoat North America is the US subsidiary in Mukwonago (WI) providing the US market with high-quality bonded coatings since 2006. We offer tested coating processes in accordance with German and American standards. This includes the coating of parts manufactured from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, elastomers, and plastic with bonded coatings. We provide the highest quality and material standards as our other locations throughout Europe. We pride ourselves on our reliable service, exceptional quality, and quick response times to meet customer demands.

Location of the Adelhelm Lubricoat Na LLC