The LubriCoat NA building in Wisconsin

Corporate Policies of Adelhelm Lubricoat NA LLC

ADELHELM Integrated Management System

The integrated management system (IMS) of the ADELHELM LubriCoat Na LLC encompasses quality, environmental protection, and energy. With the synergy of our resources and expertise, we strive to benefit our customers, the environment, and our businesses.

 Quality Management at ADELHELM

At ADELHELM, quality goes beyond meeting customer demands and expectations—it involves surpassing them whenever possible. We are committed to continuously improving our products, services, and processes, guided by the principles of ISO 9001 certification. Our ultimate goal is to provide a 100% quality claim, ensuring your trust and maximum satisfaction.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental protection has always been an integral part of ADELHELM's corporate strategy. Our values are rooted in social responsibility and respect for the environment. All ADELHELM products adhere to high-quality, environmentally friendly, and innovative coating standards. Regular inspections are conducted to uphold our environmental objectives, according to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. We are dedicated to reducing solid waste, wastewater, and emissions through ongoing efforts.

Energy Management

Energy consumption is a crucial aspect of our integrated management system, as it impacts all areas of our company. As an energy-intensive industrial company, we strive to identify and seize opportunities throughout the value chain to enhance energy efficiency and environmental protection.

All measures are supported by the environmental and energy management systems according to DIN EN 14001 and 50001 of the ADELHELM Group.


Location of the Adelhelm Lubricoat Na LLC